Before & After: Multi-Family Investor Project in Edgewater

One of the biggest requests that general contractors get is to modernize older multi-family units and give those units an updated look. Such was the case with the project ETI completed at 4920 N Marine Dr in the Edgewater neighborhood.

“There was a multi-family investor seeking to renovate one of their Edgewater units, with a big emphasis on creating a very modern feel for it,” says ETI President Ivan Tello.

To capture that modern aesthetic, Tello says they focused heavily on the bathroom and the kitchen, starting first and foremost with the tile. “We achieved the client’s desired modern feel by replacing the older white tile with a luxury vinyl tile that looks just like a wood floor,” says Tello.

The ETI team also redesigned the kitchen storage. “A popular design concept amongst millennials and gen Z renters is open kitchen shelving,” says Tello. “Cabinetry can be bulky, so tenants appreciate the spacious look that the open shelf design provides, especially those tenants with smaller kitchens.”

Tello goes on to say that achieving a modern look means making the most out of a limited amount of space. “We did a bit of demolition on this project,” says Tello. “We knocked down a wall to open up the kitchen into the living room. We wanted to create an open, flowing concept.”

In addition to the tile, cabinetry, and demolition, ETI also installed new backsplashes and quartz countertops, brand new shower tile and bathroom accessories, and performed significant electrical and lighting upgrades as well.

It was a 60-day project, with the construction itself taking about 45 days.

Tello says there were very few challenges on this renovation project outside of the jobsite location itself. “Edgewater can be a challenging neighborhood to work in,” says Tello. “Parking is tough around there, it’s a busy area. The area includes a number of larger, multi-unit apartment complexes.” Tello goes on, “So with that many people in such a close proximity to our work area, we took extra care to ensure we were compliant with noise statutes and elevator access to be considerate of the neighbors and tenants.”

Tello says he particularly enjoys apartment renovation projects. “It’s very satisfying to see the transformation of an older unit to a more current look, especially when that’s the client’s main objective.”