Benefits of Hiring a Local Contractor in Chicago

Whether you are getting started on a construction or renovation project, personal or professional, there always comes the time to select a contractor to work alongside. There is of course the possibility of hiring a large-scale contracting company to take care of your project for you, but will always be to your advantage to hire a local contractor based in your area. In this article, we will walk you through what makes a Chicago contracting company a better fit than a larger-scale brand.

Here at ETI Construction, as a local general contractor in Chicagoland, we can also guarantee incredible benefits and satisfaction from working specifically with our company. Whether you are remodeling a multi-family home, an apartment building, or a more corporate office, we have the skill and resources to get your project done on time, on budget, and with all the benefits that come with signing with a local contractor. 

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Local Knowledge

The first benefit of hiring a local contractor is a better familiarity with the architecture and the needs of different neighborhoods in Chicago. Contractors around Chicago understand the lay of the land better than any company that is not based locally. When our ETI Construction field staff is brought on for a new project, we come in well-prepared with a fully realized game plan, including an understanding of how to anticipate things like traffic, weather, and even zoning and municipal regulations.

Working on a commercial space, like a building at the University of Chicago or even a local McDonald’s, we work hard to make sure that we can prepare for the smaller details, even down to what parking situations might look like. A local general contractor will already have an understanding of the space in which they are working, as well as the surrounding area. This understanding will always result in a streamlined and overall easier process. 

Planning with Chicago In Mind

When you hire a local contractor, you can always expect a work schedule that gets put together easily and efficiently, with contingency plans surrounding weather or traffic issues. The weather in Chicago can change at the drop of a hat, so working with a local general contractor who understands how fast the climate can shift will be to your benefit. In addition to geography and landscape, your local general contractor will also have a smoother time figuring out how to work within your specific building while adhering to all of the regulations sanctioned by both the building and the city.

Contractors around Chicago, like ETI, will be able to keep you within budget and on schedule while not causing any issues or confusion surrounding local regulations. Time, energy, and money can be sapped by contractors who don’t have prior knowledge of an area or don’t have immediate access to your building’s codes. 

Avoid Major Issues

There are a number of issues that can arise when you hire a contractor who is not familiar with the territory on which they are working. Having a contractor cancel or reschedule due to weather, or for your project to be delayed due to unforeseen complications surrounding the building code is far less likely to happen when you work with a local contractor.

There are fewer mistakes to be made in Chicago construction and renovation projects when you have hired a Chicago contracting company to do the work. All of these professionals have experience with all the curves Chicagoland can throw at them, and that can make all the difference in your experience. Your budget and your time will always be spent wisely when working with a knowledgeable Chicago contracting company. 

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A Personal Touch

It is also incredibly beneficial to be able to have a personal experience with both your contractor and their work, which is something that only a local general contractor can offer to a full extent. When deciding on a local contractor, you have the ability not only to meet with them face to face and discuss your project goals before you get started, but you can also physically experience and explore the locations of their previous projects. There will likely be photos of their work on their website, but if, for example, you were looking to do renovations on a commercial space, you might have the option of investigating their previous commercial work yourself.

At ETI Construction, we feel it is very important to maintain a relationship with our clients as we work on projects. We make sure that each client is in communication with a consistent and reliable staff so that they are able to form a genuine connection as we all work hard to make your construction and renovation dreams a reality.  

Hiring from any of the great local contractors around Chicago will also mean that you are saving money! Working with a contractor who is already in the city means that significant charges like travel costs will be decreased. Your local contractor is automatically closer to your location than anyone you decide to hire who is outside of Chicago. Additionally, working with a local and sometimes smaller business often increases the quality of work and care that is put into your project. We will make the most of your time and your budget, and stay in close contact with you through the entire process so you are kept up to date and we can guarantee your satisfaction. 

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Support Local, Reap the Rewards

The thing that truly sets ETI Construction apart as an excellent local contractor in the Chicagoland area is our excellent project management ability, complete with our own personal project management system. Designed by our team, we have a careful and deliberately thought out process consisting of twelve steps guaranteed to make the most of your time, budget, and materials. We are excited to work with our clients and take their feedback as we work on designing for all sorts of projects. Combined with our client portal that keeps you in the loop on any new project updates, ETI Construction is ready to work with you on any of your construction or renovation plans. Supporting local general contractors, with our care, dedication, and our love and knowledge of Chicago means setting yourself up for success, no matter the project.