Brad Mason – Apartment Management Consultants: ETI Offers Flexibility & Reliability

Brad Mason knows general contractors. As a longtime veteran of the property management industry, Mason has certainly worked with his fair share of them.

Mason is the Director of Technical Support for Apartment Management Consultants (AMC), a property & asset management company that oversees over 100,000 units nationwide. In his role, Mason works with property managers to coordinate building and unit repairs, a major component of which is finding vendors to perform such services.

ETI Construction has been working with AMC for a little over two years now. Their first engagement involved an apartment building that Mason describes as a “very challenging” portfolio of down units – units that required a significant amount of rehabilitation.

“The units in that building were in very poor shape – they needed everything,” he says. “We contracted ETI to repair the first unit, and they performed so well that I ended up having them repair and rehab the entire building.”

Mason says the biggest challenge of that first engagement was the wide scope of work. There was plumbing work, electrical work, carpet removal and install, drywalling, and a few of the units had structural issues with the joists.

When asked how ETI handled such a diverse project, Mason had nothing but high praise.

“There was nothing we threw at them that they couldn’t handle,” says Mason. “I went over the scope of work with them, and everything I asked them to get done, they got done – and they did it in a timely fashion.”

Mason says that one of the best aspects of working with a multi-family construction firm like ETI is how they respond to challenges and adversity on the jobsite.

“Whenever challenges come up on projects – and they always do – ETI adjusts the plan to make the project flow. They’re flexible and fluid,” adds Mason.

ETI and AMC have collaborated on a number of projects since that initial engagement, the most recent of which was a turnover project on a few units in a Near North Side apartment building.

When asked to describe ETI’s best quality in a single word, Mason was quick to respond.

“Reliability. I can always depend on ETI to get the job done,” says Mason. “I feel at ease when I work with them because I know they will have the project handled, which allows me to focus my time and energy on all of my other responsibilities and duties.”