ETI Taps Co-Construct for Customer Portal and Scheduling System

Chicago-based general contractor ETI Construction has recently partnered with Co-Construct, one of the premiere software services in the construction management market.

ETI, an acronym for Exceptional Touch Inc., specializes in multi-family unit construction including interior and exterior renovations, full gut remodeling, and new construction and restorations. ETI leadership has seen an immediate positive impact from the Co-Construct software.

“I wouldn’t be able to manage one-third of our business if it wasn’t for the software,” says ETI President Ivan Tello. “Co-Construct has been a huge benefit both internally for our team and externally for our multi-family and design-build residential customers. It bundles all of the systems into one easy-to-use platform and keeps everything organized. Estimating, scheduling, client communications, costs, change orders – it’s all readily available.”

Tello claims Co-Construct’s most convenient feature is its real-time change update capabilities. “If there’s a change in the schedule, it gets updated in Co-Construct immediately so that the client can see it in real-time. Or if there’s a revision to the scope of work, it gets logged and updated instantly, and we receive notifications through the portal’s communications infrastructure.”

Not only does Tello recognize the internal gains, but he sees the benefits for the client as well. “Co-Construct reduces errors and minimizes cost overruns, which is important to the client. The inherent visibility keeps us true to our budget and our schedule.”

Co-Construct also keeps clients fully informed along the entire project timelines and allows clients to look at the progress of a project in real-time, 24 hours a day. “The client can see real-time project financials – they’re able to see their entire project and the budget through every stage of the job. We are even able to share progress photos, which clients really value.”

“Clients also appreciate the cohesiveness of the communication aspect of Co-Construct. They know that their concerns will be addressed immediately and that nothing gets lost in the shuffle,” says Tello. “They love the entire experience, especially the accountability that comes with real-time visibility,” says Tello.