Multi-Family Restoration Services

As a full-service multi-family restoration contractor, ETI has come to expect the unexpected. Any property manager, multi-family building owner or asset manager’s biggest nightmare is having to contend with an unexpected restoration event. Whether it’s multi-unit damage from a water leak, unexpected storm damage, a building infrastructure failure or smoke and fire damage, the unpredictable nature of restoration repairs and the accompanying safety issues cause a great deal of distress for both the building’s management and residents.

When the time comes to hire a restoration contractor to repair the damage, the most important quality that management companies should be seeking in a restoration repair partner is experience. ETI’s breadth of experience with restoration projects has put ETI Construction in a prime position to deliver high-quality repairs.

ETI has the capability to deliver restoration services for all types of multi-family structures including low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise buildings, multi-unit complexes and projects sized from as few as 1-2 units to 100+ units.

While quality is critical, ETI also understands the need for speed in restoration projects. Displaced residents quickly become disgruntled residents if their apartment or condo is not repaired safely and in a timely manner. Fortunately, ETI’s in-house team allows them to mobilize quickly – and the team’s diverse set of skilled trades has them prepared to effectively diagnose and repair almost any unexpected issue that may arise during the restoration – an important consideration in any restoration project.