Project Announcement: Southside Commercial Office Renovations & Build Out

ETI has been engaged to complete a commercial office build out and renovation project for a landscaping and professional grounds management company in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on Chicago’s Southside.

The scope of work entails major repairs to the damaged storefront system, a complete renovation of the building’s seven restroom facilities, and a full roof replacement.

According to ETI President Ivan Tello, the building requires a considerable amount of attention before the grounds management company can utilize the property for ancillary office space.

“The entire building needs major upgrades,” says Tello. “Both the interior and the exterior components are quite outdated, and not at all suitable for any company’s office facilities.”

Many of those upgrades involve fixing the damaged storefront, which had been vandalized in the past. The storefront repairs require wall repairs and framing, glass replacement, and new door installations.

The other major upgrades include the bathroom renovations and the roof replacement.

“The bathrooms are getting a complete overhaul,” says Tello. “That includes demolition of the existing components, installing new vanities, mirrors, soap and towel dispensers, as well as new vinyl flooring and some plumbing repairs.”

The scope of work also includes repairing or replacing any damaged acoustical ceiling tiles, drywall repairs, painting, and final finish installations.

The project, which is currently in process, is slated to be completed in about 10 weeks.

Tello says his favorite aspect of working on commercial build outs is witnessing the building’s transformation and proposing solutions for any issues that may arise during the project.

“Breathing new life into a worn-out space is very fulfilling,” says Tello. He adds, ”There have been a few hiccups that popped up on this project, but we enjoy the challenge and have confidence in the solutions we’ve produced.”