Basement Remodeling Services

For some houses, basements are an afterthought, while for others, basements add a whole new layer of enjoyment. If you are looking to put your basement in the latter category, basement remodeling with ETI Construction may be for you. As one of the premier residential construction contracting firms in Chicago, basement remodeling is neither new nor unfamiliar to us.

We have worked with many families, homes, and even multi-family properties to turn neglected basements into show-stopping, gallery-worthy spaces. Like all basement renovation contractors, we understand the many benefits of remodeling this often neglected space. However, unlike many of our peers, our investment in your project’s success includes your satisfaction at every step of the way. Our full process ensures that you are in control the whole time, and are easily able to contact us. If you’re still on the fence, let’s go through the most common reasons to remodel your basement.

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The Argument for Basement Remodeling

The most significant benefits provided by home renovation projects are the same no matter which area of the home you change. It alters your lived experience in your personal space and impacts your long-term finances. Regarding the first point,  remodeling adds an extra realm of versatility to your home. Some houses must work within stringent space restraints, surrounded by neighbors. Other houses have historic architecture or other compelling reasons not to add an above-ground addition. It may even be that the needs of the family have changed over time, with children needing new space to play or adults beginning to work from home. Whatever factors influence your need for a new basement, remodeling drastically increases the versatility of your home’s limited square footage.

The financial aspect accompanies this hand in hand. Extra space for new activities and utility makes a home more valuable. This is doubly true if that space is aesthetically appealing, adaptable, and characterful. Not everyone wants to live in the same home throughout their entire life. For those who understand that they may someday sell their property and move, even a small basement remodeling project can greatly increase property value. A small investment in your home’s state now can lead to greater financial freedom during times of instability or transition. If you communicate transparently with your basement renovation contractors, they can even provide advice and tips for maximizing this aspect of remodeling. Even without a big financial investment, accessible basement space may pay back in dividends through buyer interest.  Home buyers are attracted to complete basements much more than they are attracted to unfinished basements.

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Benefits of Basement Home Renovation Projects

The generalized benefits of basement remodeling may already be compelling, but the deeper you dive into the details, the better of a deal it becomes. If you live in the windy city of Chicago, basement remodeling can help regulate the temperature of your entire property, reducing your carbon footprint and keeping your bills more manageable. Chicago’s winters get cold, and unless your home is a special case, unfinished basements tend not to be well insulated. Having home renovation contractors improve the quality of insulation in your basement makes the space more comfortable to inhabit and better at containing its climate.

An understated upside to home renovation projects is the ability to assess the home’s structural health. When the superficial layers are stripped away, damage to interior facets like beams and drywall becomes visible. The most prominent area in which this is helpful is water damage. Long-term water damage is not only quite costly to repair, but it also forms ideal growth conditions for molds and fungi, some of which are adverse for human health and especially dangerous for children. Being able to prevent this damage, add structural supports, reinforce waterproof sealants, and form a game plan for the next decade of potential home issues can save you thousands of dollars and countless hours of difficulty. 

There are two benefits to basement remodeling that are somewhat less financially and structurally impactful but no less relevant. First, deep remodeling allows home renovation contractors an opportunity to reorganize your home’s electrical and plumbing infrastructure. By future-proofing these critical home systems, future work and repairs will be much less time-consuming for any contractors you have hired. They may also make your home run more efficiently. Second, and perhaps most obvious, remodeling will make your basement look much better and bring it into harmony with the aesthetics of the rest of your home. This, of course, impacts your property value, but it also brings you peace of mind and helps you enjoy your basement space without reservation.

Working with Basement Renovation Contractors

Basement remodeling projects function similarly to all other renovations, with one big difference. Because basements are not typically a space with a prescribed use aside from housing the occasional piece of infrastructure, you have a wide variety of choices to make regarding the outcome and purpose of the build. This means the pre-construction phase may take longer than something like a bathroom addition, but it is no less worth it. Double-check to be extra sure that the contractors you work with have experience remodeling for the specific application you are aiming for. A contracting firm that specializes in leisure dens for sports fans likely won’t be the best choice if you are looking for assistance building a home office. That being said, in Chicago, your basement remodeling project is in good hands if you work with us.

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Chicago’s Basement Remodeling Experts

ETI Construction has over two decades of experience with general contracting and subcontracting in residential, multi-family, and commercial contexts. We keep our teams consistent on a project-to-project basis so you always know who to talk to. This extends into specialized trades like plumbing, which we offer in-house from our workers. The reason we go to such lengths is because our customers always come first. Our reputation is for transparent communication and standards, affordable quality results, and integrity and commitment to our community. If you have any questions for us or would like to receive a quote for your basement remodeling project, reach out today. We look forward to getting to know you.