Insurance Restoration Services

Any construction work can be a cause for headaches. Stakeholders working to agree on the design and structure, securing the proper permits from the city, working around uncooperative weather, and surprise roadblocks that affect the budget and timeline can all stress us and our clients. We’ve designed and tested the ETI Construction process to result in the fewest roadblocks and headaches possible, but some projects are more susceptible to stress than others. These are the insurance restoration projects. 

Fires, floods, winter storms, tornados, and other unforeseen incidents can all lead to the need for restoration services. Commercial buildings, multi-family apartments, high-rise units in downtown Chicago, and condominiums can all require insurance restoration services after a natural disaster, weather event, or even a burst pipe. 

insurance restoration services

Restoration contracting services involve more than just ETI and the client. Our usual 12-step construction build process may shift a bit for insurance restoration services. The initial meeting may include an assessment of the damage and proper documentation about any structural issues, water damage, fire damage, and more.

There’s plenty of paperwork and documentation involved in insurance restoration. Like most home restoration companies, ETI works closely with the client and the insurance company to provide the necessary documentation of the damage, estimates, timelines, and whatever else is needed to facilitate the claims process. The insurance policy will help to determine the budget we have to work with. Unlike new construction and renovation projects, home restoration companies like ETI may need to wait for the insurance company and investor to work everything out, meaning the construction timeline may be out of our hands. 

While an entire restoration project may need to wait for insurance logistics to begin, restoration contractors near you can provide emergency mitigation in the direct aftermath of a disaster. This can include water extraction, boarding damaged windows and doors, and stabilizing the structure to prevent further damage to the property.  

The longer a property sits while the logistics are worked out, the worse the initial damage can be. Plus, insurance restoration projects generally mean displaced residents, or temporarily closed offices. This is frustrating for residents, investors, and property managers. We know that once there is the go-ahead from the insurance companies, time is everything. As a home restoration company, ETI understands the need for speed and quality when it comes to restoration projects. Our team’s diverse set of skilled trades makes us prepared to effectively diagnose and repair almost any unexpected issue that may arise during the restoration, meaning the project completion can come even quicker. 

The most dramatic types of damage home restoration companies can face are fire and water damage. These types of projects can reveal hidden concerns buried under layers of smoke or mold, plus fire and water damage vary greatly in their own power. A small kitchen fire can result in only minimal cosmetic damage to one unit, whereas a fire that gets out of control can mean structural damage to an entire building. Flood damage due to rain or weather may generally cause issues in basements and ground floors, but water can be incredibly destructive. 

restoration contracting services

Fire Restoration

There are many potential causes of structural fires: not keeping an eye on the toaster, a sweatshirt being too close to a space heater, unmonitored candles or cigarettes not fully put out, faulty wiring or loose electrical connections, and even chemical or gas fires are all possibilities. When there is fire, there is fire damage, and where there is fire damage there’s a search for a “restoration contractor near me.” 

The cause, location, and length of time the fire burned all result in different levels of damage. Fire can lead to extensive structural damage, cosmetic damage, and of course the loss of materials and belongings. Returning a business or residential space to habitable and safe condition is a major step in recovering after a fire. We understand the stress and anxiety that displaced residents, tenants, and investors face when dealing with home restoration companies after a fire. ETI’s expert team is skilled across various trades. We’ve been working with the same team for years, forming a strong team dynamic, allowing us to complete jobs quickly without sacrificing any quality. 

Insurance restoration services after a fire can include smoke and soot removal, structural assessment, and the reconstruction of damaged areas to ensure the building is back up to code. Additionally, the water used to fight the fire can lead to water damage, which also needs to be assessed and repaired. 

Flood and Water Restoration 

Water provides life, but can also be a destructive force. Excessive rainfall, flash floods, snowmelt, burst water lines, and leaky pipes can all lead to water damage in a property. Water can lead to structural damage, mold, and the loss of possessions. Flood and water damage restoration services start with water removal, drying, and disposal of unsalvageable materials and belongings. 

In addition to any structural repairs and restorations, restoration contracting services and their clients need to work with water remediation specialists to dry out the space, assess for mold, and remediate any mold before it poses further health risks to tenants or the construction crews. 

water damaged building

A Team Effort 

Construction projects, especially the large-scale projects ETI is familiar with, are a team effort. Our team of contractors, plumbers, electricians, and designers works closely with our clients. Our clients may include an individual investor, a leadership board, condo boards, or HOAs. We need to work with the city to ensure the proper permits are in place, and the necessary inspections are taken care of. When it comes to insurance restoration services, we also need to work with insurance adjusters and representatives. There can be a lot of moving parts and a lot of individuals involved, but with ETI Construction we aim to make the entire process as smooth as we can, with the least amount of stress. 

If you’re an insurance adjuster looking for a restorer to team up with, or you are a property owner dealing with water, fire, storm, or other damage, give us a call at 773-299-6574 to see how we can help.