Project Announcement: Park Millennium – High-Rise Condo Restoration

ETI has been engaged to complete an emergency water restoration project at Park Millennium Apartments, a 480-unit luxury condominium complex in Chicago’s New Eastside neighborhood. Constructed in 2002, the complex is known for its stunning views of both Lake Michigan and the iconic Chicago skyline.

The two-month project will involve restoring 36 units and 22 hallways affected by a multi-level water leak that started on an upper-level floor impacting dozens of units below it.

“After the water remediation specialists came in and dried out the affected units and hallways, there was a significant amount of damage that needed to be repaired – and quickly,” says ETI President Ivan Tello. “This leak unfortunately affected dozens of families who live in the complex, so it’s vital to work as efficiently as possible to get the residents back to their normal routine.”

ETI is no stranger to time-sensitive restoration projects. The company has worked on a variety of restorations related to both fire and water damage, including a large 5-month fire restoration in Humboldt Park recently.

“Time is of the essence when it comes to restorations. Residents are displaced from their homes, and they’re typically experiencing high levels of stress” says Tello. “It’s our job to alleviate that stress by getting them back into their usual routine as soon as possible.”

The scope of work at Park Millennium includes fully restoring the affected existing hallways and units. This includes drywall, painting, cabinetry, trim and more.

“Park Millennium is unique because there are a variety of floorplans to consider, all of which have various unit-specific challenges and considerations,” says Tello. “This isn’t a cookie-cutter type of project where every unit is the exact same. What might be a small issue in one unit is a bigger issue in another unit, and vice-versa.”

ETI’s history of working in the restoration space (in both high-rise and multi-building settings) has the company uniquely positioned to tackle any multi-family restoration project.

“There are certain aspects of working in this space that you really only learn by doing,” says Tello. “Any time you’re working with condo associations, multiple condo owners or management companies, you need to be flexible and patient with scheduling and timelines. Conversely, you also need to adhere to the work schedule so as not to disturb any of the other residents.”
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