Home Addition Construction Services

People’s needs change over time, especially when it comes to their homes. Families grow and shrink, and circumstances of work and outside life lead us to change the way we inhabit our homes. For situations where these changes require space and accommodations, home addition construction is the answer. Home addition contractors around the country help families every day to fit their space to their wants and needs. Some are welcoming young children into their lives while others want to improve their homes so they will sell better. In either case, additions are extremely helpful. Have you been wondering “How do I go about renovating my house?” Have you been searching for resources? If you’re seeking home additions in Chicago, then look no further. ETI Construction has the skill set and experience you need to make that dream a reality.

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Aspects of Home Addition Construction

Outside of the process of the construction period itself, several variables influence whether or not a home addition will be successful. A strong design plan will save you time and money down the line. Knowing that the end goal and the look you are going for are clearly understood by both you and your home addition contractors will also afford you a degree of trust during the build. ETI Construction offers project design as a pre-construction service which is part of our design/remodel agreement. 

Planning is another critical area where a project must succeed. The phrase “measure twice, cut once”  is a tried and true bit of wisdom for a reason. Construction endeavors not only heavily benefit from foresight and comprehensive planning, but they are almost impossible to complete without it. Working with experienced and organized contractors like ETI Construction ensures that your home addition construction project will proceed as smoothly as possible

Materials are another important variable. No matter how beautiful the design or how solid the plan is, a home built with inferior materials simply will not last. Any contractor worth your time will put in the effort to source the most durable materials possible for your home. ETI Construction prides itself on only using the best materials in the market. 

The last variable is experience. Experienced contractors not only work faster, but they also have the discerning eye to be able to tell when something may go wrong. Whether it’s design, planning, or sourcing materials, experience is the special ingredient that elevates rote work to artistry. ETI is proud to have decades of experience working on home additions. Chicago and the surrounding areas know ETI’s reputation for integrity and experience in all of our construction projects. Whether it’s commercial, multi-family, or a wide range of home addition construction, we understand the task.

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Home Addition Options From Indoors to Outdoors

You may be asking, what are the ways in which I could be renovating my house? In part, it depends on what you are trying to accomplish through your home addition construction. Some additions are born of necessity while others are born of enjoyment or simple want. Some projects emerge because the house no longer has enough living space to accommodate its inhabitants. In these situations, room additions and second-story additions are common. These both expand on living space in the existing floor plan. 

Some additions are born from a desire for more utility, beauty, and enjoyment from one’s home. Sunrooms, conservatories, or even bump-outs of existing amenities can often meet these needs. For everything else, there are no real rules. Whether planning an addition for outdoor living, like a patio, or designing an in-law suite in your converted garage, ETI can help.

Renovating My House with ETI

Working with ETI is a simple process. Our approach breaks down into 12 steps, from the very first call to the final walkthrough. We meet you for an on-site meeting, present our design/remodel agreement, work through the design process with specifications, timelines, review, and feedback, and then move to the approval stage all before even considering construction. Every step of the way you can access status updates and project information through our co-construct scheduling system portal. We don’t want you to settle for anything less than the best value you can get, and that includes transparency and communication. Even when scheduling and construction begin, you can always talk to the same members of our team who know the ins and outs of your project. At the very end, we host an exit interview to hear how we can improve our services. 

For one successful example of our home addition construction services, consider our single-family home renovation in Norwood Park. The original two-bedroom floor plan was expanded to nearly twice the size with 1,000 square feet of expansion implemented. We modernized the full interior to present-day standards of utility and interior design. This included plumbing, electrical updates, and mechanical improvements to household appliances and lighting. We added one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms per the full overhaul. Now, the house contains spacious walk-in closets, a beautiful glass shower, exposed brick wall, hardwood floors, and a state-of-the-art kitchen island cooktop with a ventilation hood. These are just some of the improvements we were delighted to add to this family home.

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Home Additions in Chicago

For all these reasons and more, ETI Construction is at the top of the list of home addition contractors to help with home additions. Chicago homeowners have come to us for years with their hopes and plans. It would be our joy to help you with a project of your own. Home addition construction does not have to be a mystifying or confusing process. In fact, with ETI’s help, it will be simple and smooth. Reach out today via phone, email, or the contact form on our website if you have a project you would like to discuss. Whether it’s a single-room bump out or a full home renovation, we look forward to working with you.