ETI Construction’s Guide to Home Remodels

Remodeling a home is exciting and can be overwhelming. Renovations range from updating a bathroom to finishing a basement to adding an addition or even an entirely new level. In other cases, water, fire, or storm damage to a home requires a full-scale restoration. Before you get in over your head with a home remodel project, ETI Construction has compiled this guide to the basics of home renovations. 

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Why Remodel a House? 

There are many potential reasons a homeowner may decide it’s time for a home remodel or renovation: personal style, trends, and aesthetics change. While a home may be fully functional, the kitchen can feel outdated, and maybe the master bathroom was trendy twenty years ago but could use a facelift. 

Improving a home’s functionality and accommodating the changing needs of the family are also reasons for remodeling a house. New additions to the family, a need for a home office or other space, improving storage and lounge space as kids get older, and improving accessibility as residents age are common reasons to adjust a home. 

Home remodels can also increase property value, which can be important if you’re moving and selling the property. You can recuperate renovation costs with the increased property value. 

Evolving technology, especially related to energy efficiency and sustainability, can lead to some home renovations. Replacing windows and doors with more energy-efficient ones, integrating solar-powered electricity, and upgrading to more efficient appliances and systems don’t necessarily require an entire remodel, but they can serve as a catalyst for a bigger project. 

Similarly, maintenance and repairs can lead to bigger renovations. A burst pipe that caused water damage, discovering mold or a crack in the foundation, or the damage of a kitchen fire means more renovations, usually with less preparation and planning as the more fun reasons. 

Determining why you want to complete a home remodel helps the entire rest of the process. If you’re bored with the home’s aesthetic, rearranging furniture or trying a new color of paint might be all you need before your walls are knocked down and your kitchen cabinets are torn apart. Renovations can be fun but also stressful and costly. Understating the renovation process makes it easier and less stressful. When finding contractors, partnering with the right team, such as ETI Construction, is the right move for your next big home renovation. 

Goals and Budget

Before taking on any home remodel, you need to define your goals and budget. 

Are you looking to increase space, improve functionality, update aesthetics, or enhance energy efficiency? It’s important to prioritize your needs and understand the needs versus wants of remodeling a house. 

Renovation costs can range to any number of figures, depending on the extent of the project, the level of finishes and materials, and the location. Determining how much you can spend helps prioritize aspects of the renovation. Expenses include everything from materials to labor to permits. 

Understanding unforeseen issues such as hidden water damage or mold can easily eat into an established budget is important prior to starting any home remodel. Ensure there is a contingency for emergencies that arise or understand that an aspect of the plan could be canceled if something else is a necessity. 

Set a deadline. While you, as a homeowner, may not be an expert in determining the entire timeline of a home remodel, knowing that from the start is crucial if there is a specific deadline. Do you need to at least have the kitchen functional before Christmas? The guest room set before your mom comes to visit in two months? Ideally, have the entire project done before your baby is born? Inform your contractor of these critical deadlines. 

Remodeling your home can be exciting yet daunting. Whether you’re renovating a single room or undertaking a full-scale home makeover, having a well-thought-out plan is essential.

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Research and Inspiration 

Not only should you research potential designs and ideas, but you should also research potential contractors to work with. You can find inspiration by browsing home improvement magazines, websites, and social media platforms. Before you find contractors, you should have some ideas for the project. Keep in mind looks and styles that are trendy versus more timeless features. If you’re renovating in order to sell, put your own personal style to the side and focus on more general looks. 

A lot of professionals are involved in renovations: contractors, designers, architects, and tradespeople. Partnering with a contracting firm like ETI Construction lets you relax a little. Our skilled team includes contractors, designers, and subcontractors with specialized skills. We have the experience needed for any project you can think of. Working with our design team, we’ll create a detailed design plan for your project. We’ll work to obtain the necessary permits and follow all compliance. ETI’s entire team works with our clients to create the perfect home remodel. 

Working With Contractors 

Some homeowners want to be where the action is, while others simply want to have the contractor the keys and come back when the renovation is complete. ETI works with our clients to understand their expectations and levels of involvement. Once the design is approved and construction starts, our team will be there to guide you through every step. We use Co-Construct as an online portal so that you can access information about your project 24/7. The portal lets us send messages, share designs for approvals, and review budgets and expenses. 

The ETI team, including your project manager, works closely with clients to ensure that the project stays on schedule and within budget. We promptly communicate any changes or concerns and regularly inspect the workmanship to maintain quality standards. We built ETI’s 12-step process to improve communication and transparency with our clients. 

During Construction 

Once the project is underway, you can really begin to visualize the end result. This is the fun part: choosing colors and materials to incorporate into the remodeling of the home. You get to choose paint colors, tiles, flooring, backsplash, cabinets, faucet fixtures and sinks, light fixtures, and appliances. Selecting all the materials and finishes can be overwhelming, but focusing on your own needs, budget, and factors such as durability and maintenance requirements helps narrow down all the options. 

These fixtures and features help bring your renovation project together. Once contractors finish all the work, including the punch list of any remaining items, clean up the mess from the renovation, and complete a final inspection to ensure everything is in working order and meets all codes and regulations, the new area of your home is yours to enjoy. 

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Maintaining a Remodel 

The time, effort, disruption, and renovation cost are all worth it. Take the time to appreciate the transformation and enjoy your revamped living space. Have fun rearranging the furniture, redecorating, and making any tweaks to ensure that everything functions as intended. Ensuring proper maintenance helps the renovation last longer and lowers the need for future repairs. 

Reading the manuals for new appliances or HVAC systems and following the recommendations increases efficiency and longevity. Outdoor spaces such as decks and patios require seasonal maintenance to ensure the quality lasts. Homeowners should schedule a general maintenance inspection every handful of years to ensure anything that may be “out of sight, out of mind,” is problem-free. Finding contractors with excellent reputations, like ETI Construction, reduces the chances of needing future repairs. 

ETI will follow up within the year to check if any warranties need our attention or if there are any issues with the renovation. Of course, homeowners can reach out to us with any concerns at any time.