Finding The Right Team For Commercial Construction in Chicago

Illinois is a unique state to develop any commercial construction. Chicago and its surrounding metropolitan areas introduce several variables to consider. The key task is finding the right commercial property contractors for your project. Contractors for commercial buildings will be able to manage themselves according to the expectations of the project’s budget, timeline, and local environment. In some ways, choosing the best commercial building contractor is as important as choosing the location of your building. Both have deep-rooted impacts on the quality of the final product and the success of the commercial endeavor. Let’s discuss some of the main concerns in finding the right construction firm for a Chicago-based commercial project.

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What is the Scope of Commercial Construction in Chicago?

Before bringing the project to any commercial property contractors, have a clear plan in place. Understanding, in as much detail as possible, the size and intricacy of your commercial construction project will be helpful when identifying which contracting firm is a good fit. Any contractor for commercial buildings will also need to know the special requirements of the project, such as any historical preservation efforts on site. Part of knowing the local work environment is understanding the impact of weather, travel logistics, and community relations. Commercial construction in Chicago, if done competently, will factor in the region’s harsh seasonal weather, often congested roads, and strong community pride. You can trust a contractor for commercial buildings if they are willing to point out incongruencies between your project proposal and the ideal working conditions of the area.

Credentials, Licensing, and Liability for Commercial Building Contractors

When it comes to commercial construction, Chicago is a unique landscape. The city’s strong railway and shipping presence combined with its long history and wide-ranging municipal construction codes make it a unique environment for commercial development. It is therefore critical to choose a contractor for commercial buildings that knows the local legal landscape. When you have found a viable option for a contracting firm, double-check that all of their credentials and licenses are in place and that they have acquired adequate insurance to protect both their workers and their projects. Illinois requires that general contractors provide workers’ compensation insurance if they are an employer, but depending on the business, other insurance and even surety bonds might be necessary. Your commercial property contractors should also have a reputation for handling inspections and permits promptly. Small interruptions add up over time and lead to big delays in project completion. 

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Investigating Expertise and Track Record

Any competent commercial contractor will be open about their project history and successes. A transparent portfolio and accessible references maintain their reputation as a trusted business partner for any prospective project planners. Do your best to reach out to their prior clients. Ask them not only what pleased them about their collaboration, but also what they would have changed. Check if there are glaring holes in the contractor’s workflow and chain of command that could lead to delays or frustrations. Don’t be afraid to be discerning about whether this firm has relevant experience for your needs. If you are looking to build retail space in an area with high foot traffic and multiple storefronts, a firm with shining reviews may not be the right fit if its specialty is building office spaces. It also can’t hurt to investigate the details. Keep abreast of local building codes and municipal safety standards.

Subcontractors for Commercial Buildings

It is clear that for commercial construction, Chicago has a deep well of skilled labor to pull from for any project. The best commercial property contractors have intimate knowledge of their local network of subcontractors. Specialty construction work requires specialized skills, and the depth of skill is difficult to discern for people who have not developed it themselves. From a project management viewpoint, leaving the choice of subcontractors to a more competent authority, your commercial building contractor, accomplishes crucial goals. Not only does this ensure that the work will be done competently, but also that the project funds fuel the local economy.

Transparency in Budgeting

Speaking of project funds, take extra care to go over your budget breakdown with potential contractors. See if your prospective business partners offer predictions for unforeseen costs or changes, and propose methods to mitigate them. Keeping the budget as clear as possible keeps everyone happy. Investors and project managers see that every dollar is going to good use. Plus, commercial property contractors understand they are trusted and their employees and subcontractors are receiving a fair deal. In 2021, the state of Illinois led the nation with the sixth-highest number of business startups. With so much commercial growth, there is high demand and competition for commercial construction, meaning Chicago is not a city where businesses can succeed without strict attention to the budget numbers. 

Keeping Up with the Timeline

It may be a cliche that “time is money,” but cliches often emerge from truth. Commercial building contractors need clear milestones and deadlines to complete their work. Beware of timelines that are paced too quickly and seem too convenient to be true. This could indicate cut corners or a low resulting quality of construction. On the other hand, a timeline that is far too relaxed and that provides few details or milestones will not offer enough incentive to stay on budget. The contractor you decide to work with must be transparent in communicating the possibility of delays and their contingency plans in less-than-ideal scenarios.

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ETI for Commercial Construction in Chicago

ETI Construction knows fully well the commercial landscape in Chicago. We complete full general contractor services for industries as wide-ranging as office work, food service, and healthcare. We also keep many services in-house that most commercial building contractors would pass off to other workers – such as installing drywall. This way, we can keep an eye on the quality of the end product and also keep costs reasonable. Our extensive experience working with nonprofits in Chicago contributes to our deep understanding of the value of reputation and trust. Our decades of experience with commercial construction ensures that, no matter your needs, we are familiar with what your project may entail. Look through our gallery of commercial work today, and ask us for a quote from our professional team.