Kitchen Remodel Ideas: How to Design the Heart of Your Home

Do you need a kitchen remodel or just a refresh? If your kitchen doesn’t work for you and your family, a full remodel is worth it. If it just looks old and tired, kitchen remodel ideas can include updating the backsplash, countertops, or cabinet faces. A remodel is a huge and costly commitment. It can take a long time and disrupt your entire family. A kitchen facelift is quicker and more cost-effective. You get a big return without the stress. The cost to update a kitchen can vary based on the size of the project, the materials you choose, and labor. An average kitchen remodel estimate ranges between $14,000 – $40,000. Mid-range projects can run between $65,000 – $75,000; while a deluxe remodel can set you back between $130,000 – $145,000. A professional contractor can help you navigate the process.

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Design Ideas for a Kitchen Remodel

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, keep in mind this simple rule – let one element be the star. If you choose a dramatic countertop, keep the other aspects of the design neutral. If you install a copper range hood, you don’t want it to get lost among bold kitchen cabinets. A good kitchen remodel creates harmony and balance when the different design elements complement each other. So whether you’re looking to do a major renovation or just an update, consider these kitchen remodel ideas.  

Add Visual Appeal with a Backsplash

A backsplash protects walls from splashes and stains. But who says it has to be boring? A little area like a backsplash can have a huge impact. You can create a focal point behind your stove. Because the area to cover is not typically large, you can splurge. With an array of materials, colors, and textures, you’ll find it easy to compliment your kitchen remodel. Glass tiles reflect light and provide a contemporary glow. Match your backsplash to your countertop for a minimalist look. Patterned cement tiles set an exotic mood. Another way to add flair is to opt for an intriguing pattern. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out over 70 backsplash ideas from House Beautiful.

Refresh Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are a crucial element in how your kitchen functions and looks. They’re one of the most expensive parts of a remodel (20% of kitchen remodel estimates). From a budgetary perspective, you have several kitchen design ideas to choose from. The simplest option is to add a fresh coat of paint and new knobs or pulls to your existing cabinets. Consider neutral tones or a bright shade of white when you paint. Adding crown molding is another way to change the look of your cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets look dated or are damaged, consider refacing them. This works best when you are satisfied with the arrangement of your cabinets. Refacing involves removing drawer fronts and cabinet doors, and then applying a new veneer on their surfaces. At the same time, hinges and hardware can be replaced.

New, stock cabinets are cost-effective and won’t cause any delays to your timeline. You can increase storage by 25% by installing 42-inch upper cabinets. If you’re worried about areas that might be too high to reach, create display space to show off fancy china or family heirlooms. Custom cabinets offer the style, size, and color you desire. You can personalize them according to your needs. Do you want your spices handy when you’re at the stove? If you’re a baker, you can have a special cabinet to store your mixer. A lazy-susan corner cabinet is a great kitchen remodel idea. It makes it easier to locate pots and pans in a difficult-to-reach space. Custom kitchen cabinets take more time to make and cost the most. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Walls stained by cooking grease and smoke make your new kitchen look dingy. A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest kitchen remodel ideas to do. Light-colored paint makes a room look larger. New paint also hides imperfections and makes walls look new. But what kind of paint should you use? Kitchen paint should be tough, easy to clean, and attractive. Satin paint is the most popular. It has a shiny look and hides scuff marks well. Satin finishes are durable and easy to clean. A semi-gloss finish reflects more light and is easy to scrub. One drawback is that it highlights imperfections like cracks, divots, or poorly patched areas. 

Build a Kitchen Island

Adding a kitchen island increases functionality. Their central location – a few steps from any part of the kitchen – offers many advantages. They expand workspace. Boost storage. Allow for the best placement of appliances. Serve as a casual dining spot for family meals. Act as a buffet for entertaining. Positioning your sink or stove on the island is a great kitchen design idea. Facing the room allows you to be part of the action or keep an eye on children. You can personalize a kitchen island with numerous cabinet or feature options. Include a wine fridge or dog-feeding station. A spice rack keeps bottles organized and easily at hand. Bakers will appreciate a mixer lift. Don’t think your island has to match the rest of your kitchen. Paint cabinets a contrasting color. Choose a contrasting counter material too. 

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Bring the Drama with Countertops

Swap out old and worn counters. With many materials to choose from, it’s a fast way to create strong visual interest. You’ll find it easy to choose countertops that complement your cabinets and stay within budget. Replacing stained or deteriorated surfaces brings several benefits. No matter how good you are at cleaning, bacteria can hide in old porous countertops. New ones are simpler to maintain. A full kitchen remodel is costly. Updating countertops is a cost-effective way to get a new look. Even if you’re not thinking of currently selling your home, updating your counters increases the value of your home. It’s a win/win. You can enjoy them now and benefit from your investment later. A bi-level kitchen island counter is very dated. Installing a new flat slab opens up your views and allows you to add seating. Take advantage of changing kitchen counters to add a new under-mount sink. You’ll find cleaning kitchen counters easier. 

Switch Out Appliances

Energy efficiency and smart technology are two great reasons to get rid of old appliances. These advances will save you money and time. Switching out appliances is a great opportunity to add personality to your kitchen. Besides stainless steel, appliances come in a range of lively colors. You can get a vintage look with all the modern conveniences. If you’re refacing your cabinets, consider matching panels for your dishwasher and fridge. They’ll blend in to create a seamless look. You can “talk” to your garage door, home security, and HVAC system. Why not your fridge? Find out if you need milk. Running late? Avoid burning that roast by reducing the oven temp. Worried about that funny noise your dishwasher makes? Check to see if there’s a mechanical issue.    

Change Your Flooring

Kitchens are high-traffic areas. All that wear and tear is bound to take its toll. Why not install new flooring that adds comfort, functionality, and beauty? You have an abundance of materials to choose from, so you won’t have to choose style over savings. If you’re planning to change the kitchen layout or replace cabinets, new flooring goes in first. Be aware of how prep or order time affects your project. Do you have pets who can scratch your floors? Is your flooring consistent throughout your home? Keep the cost per square foot in mind. If you live in a snowy or wet climate, how easy is it to keep flooring clean? Hardwood, bamboo, ceramic, natural stone, and luxury vinyl – each flooring option has its pros and cons

Brighten Your Lighting

Kitchens require four key layers of light to properly illuminate the space. Task lighting is for the main work areas. Well-lit countertops allow you to see what food you’re chopping. A bright stovetop shows that sauce has thickened. Accent lighting is used to draw attention to specific features or design elements, adding depth and dimension. Spotlight your family china in glass-fronted cabinets. An LED strip placed under lower cabinets and the kitchen island will define the perimeter and make a great nightlight. Decorative lights are eye candy. Add flair with unique pendant lights over the kitchen island. Bling out your dining area with a crystal chandelier. Ambient refers to general lighting. It fills a room with a  uniform light level. Lighting can also affect the color of your kitchen. Soft white lighting gives off a warm, golden hue. Bulbs with blue tones copy the bright, white of daylight.  

Put in a Pantry

Want to improve how your kitchen works? The key is organization. The additional storage space a pantry provides can change your life. Tired of peering into cupboards to find that ingredient hiding at the back? Like to stock up on groceries? Want a place to put that crockpot or blender taking up room on your kitchen counters? A pantry allows easy visibility and access to items. Plan the design of your pantry. Think about what it will house. Do you buy potatoes and onions in bulk? Stockpile canned goods? Own a library of cookbooks? Do you collect small appliances? You’ll want to consider shelf heights and placement, electrical outlets, and pull-out drawers or bins. When a walk-in pantry isn’t an option, special cabinetry can be a great substitute. 

Benefits of a Kitchen Remodel

One of the smartest home improvement projects is a kitchen remodel. Redesigning this heart of the home improves your family’s lifestyle for years to come. You’ll enjoy many benefits. A kitchen remodel allows you to:

  • Add square footage or improve the flow of space 
  • Increase functionality with new appliances or a spot for casual dining
  • Provide more storage to declutter your countertops or organize your groceries 
  • Freshen the look by updating cabinets or installing new floors 
  • Improve energy efficiency with modern appliances and lighting to cut utility costs

Kitchen remodel estimates will depend on your project goals, room size, and the materials you choose. Whatever you decide to do, a kitchen remodel will produce the highest ROI. If you’re planning to sell your house within the next few years, a kitchen renovation makes a lot of sense. Newly renovated kitchens attract homebuyers. Over 55% of homebuyers indicated a modern kitchen was extremely or very important in their purchase decision.

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