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Renovation is a rather comprehensive subject. Since all built structures wear down over time, it makes sense that renovation companies hold such an important role in property management and repair. For transient living situations where tenants change regularly, personal preferences lead to different needs from the property, necessitating renovation. Condo remodeling is common, especially in dense urban centers like Chicago. Remodeling projects can include anything as small as replacing light fixtures to tasks as complicated as repairing water and fire damage with new furnishings. To find the best remodeling contractors, Chicago residents should understand the specifics of renovation and remodeling.

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How Renovation Companies Work Differently from Construction

Not all construction starts from scratch. Remodeling contractors in Chicago and beyond occupy a huge portion of the construction market. Renovation companies take on any work for properties that have already been finished and sold. From sprucing up an inground pool to fixing bathroom tile floors to in-depth condo remodeling, these contractors oversee all kinds of work. A general contractor in charge of renovating and remodeling has different concerns than one overseeing a building site. Construction work requires different permits and regulations when conducted on an occupied property. The same is true for health and safety controls. One of the benefits of an isolated construction site is the lack of potential civilian injury. In a renovation, extra steps have to be taken to avoid harming the property’s residents by accident.

Common Types of Renovations

People decide to renovate property with or without renovation companies for several reasons. Mainly, people start these projects to fix fundamental aspects of the home that may have begun to malfunction. If the roof leaks, the windows are drafty, the basement is musty, the walls are crumbling, or the paint is chipping, these are all reasons to engage in renovations. Another reason to hire renovators is to improve the outward impression of the home for reselling purposes. Landscaping, lighting, and updating the exterior with items like a new mailbox are all excellent renovation projects. Wood flooring in particular, and other upgrades to living quality, like improving the insulation, all contribute heavily to property value when reselling or renting a property. Of course, the last reason to renovate or remodel is simply to install features that better suit your specific needs and wants.

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How is Remodeling Different from Renovating?

Although these two terms are used interchangeably in many contexts, the differences are significant. As we’ve discussed above, renovations occur when repairing or renewing the state of existing architectural features. Remodeling, on the other hand, is using the existing structure and layout as a basis for transformation. Fixing up a tile floor in a kitchen counts as a renovation project while installing a new updated oven or ceiling fixtures would be a remodeling job. As is probably clear, remodeling is usually more expensive and requires more design input than renovations. Because of all of the extra variables involved, renovations are also more friendly than DIY projects. Many tasks in condo remodeling are often outside of the skill set of most people and may require permits – and the assistance of contractors. This is where renovation contractors can help.

Tips on the Best Remodeling Contractors in Chicago

If you are looking for Chicago remodeling specifically, you will want to seek out a local remodeler, sometimes called a design-build contractor. Unlike a general contractor, a professional remodeler will take care of the full process from the design stage through completion. Several important features of remodelers make them the right choice. Make sure each of these rings true before committing to a contract with anyone. Remodeling firms should carry the correct insurance, which covers both you and your house in case of any accidents. This is not required for general contractors which could leave you in a tough situation if anything goes wrong. Remodeling contractors also use different workflow systems and project management priorities than general contractors. Relying on subcontractors could mean some work does not meet your standards. In this case, the general contractor would have to find someone else to fix it.

Challenges of Condo Remodeling

Any renovation companies you hire in Chicago for remodeling will have several questions when working on a condo. Since condos are jointly owned, the property rules likely designate the hours at which work is allowed and other logistics. Make sure to contact the HOA or condo association to discuss your plans first and receive the necessary approvals. They may require a formal letter in this process. It is not always obvious which elements of a condo are considered common areas and which are considered private. Elements visible from outside the building like windows and balconies are most often common elements, as well as elements that are used by the full building, like plumbing and electricity. Be aware that negotiating with the association and management of the building can be more tricky than the remodeling process itself.

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High-Quality Chicago Remodeling

If you are looking for remodeling contractors, Chicago is home to a very reliable name. ETI Construction is known for our Chicago remodeling work, commercial construction, and multi-family construction. We have a proven track record of success with projects of all sizes, thanks to our unified 12-step project management workflow that guarantees we get to know you and your needs as much as possible. We also have a breadth of experience restoring properties from significant damage due to weather events and infrastructure failures. Our contractors and working partners know the nuances of restoring both occupied interiors and building exteriors. Remodeling can be a stressful experience, especially when working with under-qualified renovation companies. With ETI Construction, we do everything we can to take that weight off your shoulders and guide you to a better-renovated property. We promise to balance speed and quality to achieve the best result possible. Reach out today with any questions you may have, and get a quote for your renovations that you can trust.