Transforming Spaces: ETI Construction’s Top Multi-Family Design Trends

The pandemic changed many things, and multi-family residential buildings have been no exception. The priorities potential residents have while searching for a new home and the amenities considered essential have shifted in the past few years. Multi-family design trends include the layout and functionality of individual units, the amenities and community spaces available, and upgrades to essential design aspects and multi-family services. Chicagoland construction services such as ETI Construction can help your multi-family build or renovation fit with the current trends.  

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Unit Design Trends 

When it comes to individual units in a multi-family residence, there are some design trends that potential renters and owners are looking for. One key multi-family design trend is flexible and versatile spaces and floor plans. A flexible floor plan caters to the changing needs of residents. Open-concept layouts, adjustable partitions, flexible storage solutions, and multi-functional or multi-purpose rooms are all methods of creating a versatile living space. 

Homes are getting smarter. In addition to smart speakers and smart TVs, more and more individuals are embracing smart technology in their living spaces. A majority of Gen Z renters list smart home technology as an important factor in deciding where to live. Having tech, such as smart thermostats, appliances, and lighting, is important for multi-family services. Other trending technology includes the use of keyless entry, with fobs or even phone apps. 

Natural light is a major trend in residential and commercial design. Designs that incorporate large windows, skylights, and a more open living space allow more natural light to flow through. This can also make spaces appear larger and more airy, increasing the value. 

Modern design aesthetics are also trending: neutral colors, clean lines, minimalist elements, and modern finishes are ideal for Chicagoland contractors to incorporate into their multi-family projects.

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Community Spaces 

One key component of multi-family projects is the communal space. Lobbies, hallways, outdoor areas, and any additional amenities or multi-family services offered on-site are as important to the overall design as the individual units. Community spaces have increased importance in the eyes of potential residents. Trending ideas in community spaces include remote workspaces and the importance of outdoor and wellness spaces. 

More and more people work from home, either full-time or on a hybrid basis. Multi-family renovation contractors can create work-from-home spaces within a multi-family community. Coworking spaces or lounge spaces with desks and outlets and wifi allow residents to work remotely just outside of their homes. Rental units may not have the dedicated space some people look for as a home office, but offering a community workspace is a benefit. 

Other multi-family design trends for communal spaces and individual units include the addition of outdoor space and natural elements. Balconies and terraces, as well as community spaces like gardens, yards, and picnic areas, improve the overall energy of a multi-family residence.  Outdoor spaces are increasingly proven to be beneficial to mental well-being, and the inclusion of other fitness and wellness spaces is also important. Modern multi-family design trends include fitness centers, gyms, and even simple walking paths around buildings. 

Utility and Necessities 

When designing a new or remodeled multi-family residence, Chicagoland construction companies and multi-family renovation contractors need to consider the essentials of a multi-family residence. As society evolves, even standard features such as parking lots and lobbies need an upgrade. With more electric vehicles on the road, multi-family units need to consider the number of electric vehicle charging stations in a parking structure. As more people rely on online shopping, grocery, and meal delivery, multi-family dwellings should adapt by increasing the space and overall design of a mail and package delivery area.

Other priorities for modern multi-family units include inclusive design and accessibility. While some accessible design elements and modifications may be required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or the Fair Housing Act, proactive property owners can incorporate accessible design elements from the beginning of a build or renovation. Accessible design elements can benefit all individuals, not just individuals with disabilities. 

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Chicagoland Construction Firms for Multi-Family Projects 

ETI Construction specializes in multi-family renovation and restoration projects. Property managers looking to upgrade and modernize their buildings to include current trends in multi-family home design should look no further than ETI Construction. Our years of expertise and experience in the field, combined with our twelve-step process, and relationship with our clients, make ETI the best firm for the job. In addition to our skilled contractors and overall experience, we are also committed to improving our communities. We even offer some work pro bono to uplift our communities.