ETI Construction’s Dedication to Accessible Spaces in Commercial Environment

Did you know over 570,000 adults in Chicago have at least one disability?

At ETI Construction, we’ve built a reputation for versatile, valuable, transparent solutions. We care about excellence. We care about people. That’s why we’re dedicated to building accessible spaces in commercial environments. 

Our experienced teams have honed their combined skills for decades. We have the power to build new places that are easy for people of all ability levels to navigate and use. We can also transform existing spaces with accessible home modifications.

Our ingenuity and attention to detail enable us to renovate inaccessible spaces into inclusive ones. 

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What Is An Accessible Space?

The Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA, was passed in 1990. The groundbreaking civil rights law guarantees the rights of Americans with disabilities to equal access. This includes equal access to public and commercial spaces.

Commercial buildings are accessible spaces when they’re disability-inclusive. That means the space is designed with specific structural elements and features. These ensure a person with a disability can easily engage in the space without risking safety or dignity.

Accessible spaces make it simple and safe for people with disabilities to:

  • Enter and exit buildings and rooms
  • Operate features of a building or room
  • Participate in events or commerce in the space equally
    • Equally means with as little burden as non-disabled people
  • Communicate with everyone else in the space
  • Understand messages in a space

Renovating residential space with accessible home modifications makes day-to-day life safer and easier.

What Makes Restaurants, Theatres, and Retail Stores Accessible?

The features and elements that make commercial spaces accessible are detailed by the U.S. Access Board. The U.S.Access Board collaborates with The Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to define and update accessibility standards. 

All official guides to ADA standards are free and available in multiple formats.

Case Study: Adapting an Open Floor Plan to Make It Wheelchair Accessible

One way to make a space wheelchair accessible is to adapt building plans early on. At ETI Construction, we have considerable experience creating spaces with open floor plans. Open floor plans encourage collaboration and community in shared spaces.

To adapt an open floor plan, construction firms use The U.S. Access Board’s resources as guidance. With checklists and strategic planning, we can readily adapt a floor plan to make the space accessible to wheelchair users. 

Why The Dedication? Accessibility Makes An Impact

By dedicating ourselves to excellence in the realm of accessibility, we’re aligned with the City of Chicago’s bold vision for our future. We share the vision of “neighborhoods [that] strive to be a unified model for resiliency, innovation, and accessibility that is welcoming to all.”

We’re also aware of the practical benefits of accessibility, including:

  • Accessible commercial spaces spur economic growth 
  • Accessibility features increase public safety for all 
  • Accessible design enhances innovation throughout a community as a whole

Because accessible spaces offer such clear benefits, ETI Construction exceeds the minimum legal requirements. 

Instead, we honor the people of Chicago by going above and beyond. We use the federal Access Board, the Illinois Accessibility Code, and local experts to bring accessible designs to life. 

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Prioritizing Access Throughout Our 12-Step Process

We’ve spent decades honing and perfecting our 12-step construction project management process. Our 12-step process is rigorous and comprehensive. It’s key to ETI’s stellar track record of getting projects done right:

  • on time
  • on budget 
  • free from surprises   

Our management team is skilled at weaving accessible elements throughout each phase of the process. Sometimes, that means using accessible communication methods. In others, it means refining solutions for handicap-accessible homes throughout the design and feedback sessions. 

Taking Inspiration From Handicap Accessible Homes 

Commercial venues and homes serve different purposes. But, when it comes to accessible design, creative thinking empowers excellent solutions.

One creative tactic is applying popular accessible home modifications to commercial spaces. ETI Construction has a reputation for excellence in home renovation. Our teams creatively leverage this experience to get superior results. 

Our venues and stores have incorporated high-value accessibility features more typical for homes, including zero-step entrances, paddle handles, and easy-access storage spaces. 

Wheelchair Accessible Routes, Building Elements, and Features

Drawing on accessible residential techniques is useful. That said, ETI Construction isn’t a novice when it comes to explicitly commercial wheelchair-accessible projects. We’ve built a reputation as a champion provider of institutional and commercial construction services

We’re adept at taking advantage of enterprise projects’ scale to make accessible visions a reality. Our teams likewise use specialized tactics and tools for projects of this magnitude—tools that can enable the easy integration of accessible features from day one. 

Excellent Accessible Home Modifications: From Plumbing to Surfaces

Plumbing is a crucial aspect of accessible design. Handicap-accessible homes must apply best practices to kitchens and bathrooms. A restroom’s location, the direction its stall door swings, and the size of interior bathroom spaces can all impact how safe and easy it is for people with disabilities to use.

The Access Board details the minimum standards plumbing facilities must meet to avoid discrimination. At ETI Construction, we go beyond those standards. 

Our bathroom renovation services ensure client restrooms are high-quality in all ways. Experience drives our materials choices, interior design strategies, safety measures, and approach to style. Blending elegance with accessibility in this sphere poses no challenge to our teams. 

In the same vein, we invite you to explore highlights from our kitchen remodeling portfolio. Compact storage space makes the room wheelchair accessible. Clients praise how our teams work closely to develop multi-use kitchens that meet wide-ranging goals – without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

Our kitchen remodeling expertise makes it straightforward to apply access standards regarding dining and work surfaces. We already take factors like clients’ height, indoor traffic needs, materials and textures into account. Greater specificity comes naturally. 

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ETI Innovation: Building the Next Generation of Commercial, Accessible Spaces

Accessibility makes our spaces more inclusive. Inclusion makes our communities stronger. 

When dreaming up your next commercial project, why not call experts? With over two decades of experience, we can make all aspects of your vision a reality – from accessibility to elegance. 

ETI Construction services the city of Chicago and the greater Chicagoland region. Contact us today at (773) 299-6574 or to request a quote for your accessible commercial project.