Open Floor Plan: Why You Should Consider A Renovation

When it comes time to renovate or remodel a property, residential or commercial, an open concept floor plan might be the best choice. Open floor plans provide flexibility in a contemporary and modern style. ETI Construction can work with you to design and renovate an open concept layout that fits your needs. 

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What is Open Floor Plan Design? 

Open floor plan design refers to interior layouts where different distinct spaces are not separated by walls or partitions. Hence the name “open floor plan.” Different areas such as kitchen, living, and dining spaces in a residential floor plan –  or offices with meeting spaces in a commercial layout – utilize other means to differentiate spaces. Open floor plans mean an interconnected environment and spaces that seamlessly flow into one another. These spaces offer a variety of benefits in both residential and commercial buildings. 

Open floor plan layouts are generally thought to be a contemporary style and fit with a modern aesthetic. If the goal is to modernize the look and feel of a space, renovating with an open floor plan can be the solution. 

A Larger Look

The lack of walls makes the whole space look and feel larger. This can be a huge benefit to investors looking to rent out apartments in a multi-family building. Similarly, there is an increase of natural light flowing through the space without the walls to block it off. This can also make spaces feel larger, provide a bright and airy atmosphere, and be beneficial to any house or office.  

With no permanent and set rooms created by walls and physical boundaries, the design of an open floor plan is flexible and adaptable. Whether this means adjusting to accommodate a growing workforce, a growing family, or simply different tenants with different needs from their living spaces, open floor plans offer many options. 

Line of Sight

Generally, open-concept layouts have a visual connection between different areas, allowing individuals in one part of the space to have a line of sight to other areas. This can lead to increased social interaction across spaces, communicating from one space to another without having to yell, and parents having more lines of sight for supervising children. 

Some of the major considerations before choosing to design an open floor plan are privacy concerns, noise issues, and defining different spaces or zones. The layout of furniture, area rugs, and lighting are just some of the solutions used to design open spaces with functionality. 

Commercial Open Floor Plan Design 

Open concept layouts in commercial spaces such as offices can have several benefits. If your commercial space is in need of a renovation or a remodel, consider an open floor plan design. The design of open floor plans in office spaces can foster team interactions, optimize space, be a physical manifestation of inclusion and transparency, plus be aesthetically pleasing. 

Team Interaction

Open floor plans can foster team interaction. Without walls, office doors, or high cubicles, unplanned interactions, conversations, and collaboration can happen naturally. It’s layout-induced, work-related water cooler talk, and no water cooler is necessary. The open concept can also contribute to a sense of inclusivity and equal access to information. A lack of physical walls can reflect a lack of hierarchical barriers, increasing connection and collaboration between levels and departments in an organization.


One major benefit of open floor plans is the flexibility. Companies grow, change, and adapt, and that all requires adjustments to the workspace. Reconfiguring an office or commercial space layout to fit evolving needs is easier from an open concept than it is with solid walls. 

Natural Light

A lack of interior walls and hallways generally means more natural light, which contributes to a brighter atmosphere and is known to improve energy levels, mood, and morale. Natural light is one of the top factors most often cited by workers as contributing to a health-supporting workplace. Air quality is also on the list, and that can be improved with the combination of large, open windows and an open layout. 

Cost Savings

An open-concept renovation can also lead to cost savings because the budget is not being spent on tall cubicle walls or individual offices. Of course, open-concept floor plans do not need to be one hundred percent open, there can be some walls for meeting spaces or offices where privacy is a concern. Hybrid open layouts can be a great option that blends the benefits of an open layout but still has some divided space. 

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Residential Open Floor Plan Design 

In an open concept residential space, whether an apartment, condo, or even a single-family home, the living areas flow into one another. KItchens, dining areas, and living areas are one large space divided by smart interior design choices and furniture, but not by walls. Residential open floor plans can enhance the overall functionality and aesthetics, and provide a sense of spaciousness. 


In multi-family buildings, open floor plan designs in the individual units provide flexibility for tenants. While the floor plans might be similar, or even the same, residents can adapt the space to their needs. Open and flexible spaces can allow for a home office that still provides a line of sight to a toddler’s play area. The host of a dinner get-together can still participate in the conversations while preparing food in the kitchen. When they move out, the next resident can adapt to the space as they see fit. 

The use of interior decorating and furniture to divide spaces rather than walls means the size of each area can change without doing any remodeling. If one resident prefers a larger dining area, they can create it. Someone else might just use a small dining table and designate part of the living space as a home gym. 

A Modern Feel

Property owners and investors can modernize the feel of their units by renovating to include an open floor plan. The seamless flow of the space and increased natural light both contribute to a contemporary, clean, and bright feel. 

Improving the seamless flow across the entire space is a key aspect of open concept layouts. Consistent features and materials such as lighting, flooring, and a cohesive color scheme can all bring the space together. 

ETI Construction’s team of experts is experienced in working with open concepts and understands the importance of assessing structural considerations. Removing walls might mean requiring new structural modifications and supports. Between the time the design agreement is signed and the construction starts, we’ll have a full understanding of the current space, the goals, and the structural requirements to open up the walls. 

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Open Concept Layout Renovations

As with any commercial or multi-family renovation project, be sure to consider the needs of the business, the employees, or the residents. The potential benefits of open floor plans may not align with every business and every organization’s goals. Evaluating the needs and end goal is an important first step in any renovation. ETI Construction works with our own twelve-step process – from initial conversations, designs, reviews, frequent updates, and conversations, all the way to project completion. The first two steps are an introductory phone call and an initial meeting where we aim to learn what your needs are, and what the goals of the project are. 

We understand waiting is the hardest part, and sometimes construction projects seem to be making little progress. While we can assure you our diverse team of skilled contractors is working to get your project completed on a timely basis, we can also provide regular updates so you’re not left wondering. Our construction management portal, with 24/7 client access, provides a source of communication and organization that streamlines your project. Property managers looking to open up their spaces should call us at  773-299-6574 to start a project.