Navigating Home Construction Challenges: A Comprehensive Guide by ETI Construction

Whether you are working on a new construction project, an addition, or a renovation for your home, there is a lot of work to be done and many details to consider. At ETI, we have a passion for multi-family and residential projects. We are committed to the community and creating the highest-quality home for you and your family. We are also aware that working with a home construction company can feel tricky sometimes, and can present its own set of challenges. At ETI, we are here to help you alleviate those worries. This article will discuss some of the most common home construction challenges and how to deal with them. This will include recent home improvement statistics, navigating updated technology, and finding the right construction or home renovation contractors for your job. 

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Home Improvement Statistics

As 2024 is beginning, we have the past few years to look back on in terms of statistics for home construction. These statistics can help point out trends from the recent past and help us understand how to continue forward in home improvement and construction projects. 

Budget Increases

Overall, home improvement budgets have been on the rise since about 2020. People are spending more to make their renovation goals a reality. It is important to remember that the cost of raw materials has also been on the rise. This means that people could be spending more because of the increased cost of materials. If you have a tight budget that you need to stick to, it is important to find a home construction company that you can rely on to keep you on track, despite rising costs. 


In addition to the cost of labor and materials going up, there have also been labor and material shortages. Some home renovation contractors may be willing to decrease prices in order to get work. However, it is important to be careful in these situations – decreases in pricing could result in cut corners. Make sure you are working with contractors you can trust who will go above and beyond for you.  

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Common Challenges

There are a lot of challenges that come with home construction and renovation projects. It is important to know what issues might arise as you start your project. Plus, how you can navigate these challenges to still come out on top. 


Common tips for home improvement and construction are focused on finding the right contractor for the job. Primarily, these tips center around communication and project management. It is common to feel a disconnect from your contractor as they are doing their job. It is important as a homeowner to be in the loop. You should know what is going on with your own house. Sometimes, it can be challenging to find an open line of communication between your home construction company and yourself. This is just one of many reasons why finding the right contractor for your project is so important.

Digital Connection

In this age of new technology, with more complicated programs being released every year, technology can be complex in the world of construction and contracting, specifically when it comes to communication with your contractor. Some construction companies have online portals or programs that are either out of date or far too complicated to use. Finding a straightforward, simple way to be connected to the action does not have to be hard if you find the right contractors. We at ETI have partnered with the Co-Construct portal and system to help you easily connect with us from your phone or computer!

Finding The Right Contractors

With these challenges in mind, it is extremely important to find the right home renovation contractors to help you with your project. Here are just a few tips to help you find the best company for your home construction initiative.  

Be Detailed

One of the best things you can do as a homeowner is come into your contractor search with a fully realized plan. Make sure you know what you want from your renovation project so you can have a complete and detailed conversation with a potential contractor. This is the best way to ensure you are hiring the right contractor for the job. You can find a home construction specialist who you know is confident that they can check all of the boxes for you. 


Don’t just pick the first home construction company that offers you a good price! Sit down and talk to different contractors to get different pricing and to gain a better understanding of each company’s approach. Ask for references and make sure the construction company has the right licensing and credentials. You don’t want to hire a contractor for a home renovation project when the company only has experience with commercial construction. Make sure you have all the information needed before you choose who you want to work on your project. 

Find Someone You Can Trust

A home renovation or construction project is special. This is not just a space where you will work or a place to visit. This is where you and your family will be living. That makes it especially important to find someone you can rely on. The ability to forge a personal connection with your contractor will make your project go all the more smoothly and will help you feel more secure in your renovation. 

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Choose ETI

Pay attention to home improvement statistics and understand the challenges of working in home construction. That makes finding the right contractor easier. At ETI, we are committed to helping you complete the renovation, addition, or construction that you have dreamed of. With our strong communication and project management systems, our dedication to our clients, and our commitment to staying on schedule and budget, we are here for you. If you have a renovation or construction project in the works, consider talking to our team at ETI to see how we can achieve great things together!