ETI Construction’s Seamless Construction Project Management

When you are getting started on a construction or renovation project, it may seem easy to simply Google, “contractors near me.” However, there is a bit more to the process than just an internet search. One essential part of finding a contractor, whether you are doing commercial work or multi-family restoration, is finding a quality construction project management system. Without a solid project management process, you may find communication or information difficult to obtain with your contractor. When your home or business is being worked on, it is important that you know what is going on, every step of the way. 

This article will cover what strong construction management looks like and offer some tips for hiring contractors. Additionally, we will introduce you to the ETI Process, our seamless management system that is incorporated into all of our work. 

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Why is Construction Management Important? 

One of the most important elements of a construction or renovation project is having strong construction project management. A good project management system will be of great benefit through every step of the process and help protect you, the client. Project management is about executing your vision to its fullest potential, with the proper budget and timeline.  

When you are searching for “contractors near me,” make sure you ask about the company’s construction planning and management strategies. The right contractors are going to prioritize you and keep you involved in every step of the process. Construction management is about lowering the risk of accidents on the construction site, keeping you under budget, and abiding by your timeline, all while giving you the best quality possible. 

Tips for Hiring Contractors


If you are looking to hire a contractor for a commercial construction project, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Commercial contractors should have an excellent track record with construction planning and work. Pay attention to reviews and talk to other companies to see what contractors they might recommend. Contractors should also have a thorough knowledge of subcontractors and be able to easily find people to help you with your job. Additionally, make sure that your commercial contractors are transparent and respect your budget and time. The right contractor will be open to sharing their construction project management process and keeping you involved as the work gets done.  

Residential / Multi-Family

When you are looking for a multi-family contractor, make sure that you find someone who actually specializes in multi-family work. Apartments and residential spaces are very particular and present their own sets of challenges, so making sure that your contractor is experienced and confident with the work is going to alleviate a lot of stress and concern. Additionally, make sure that you are working with a contractor who has strong communication skills and transparency. Working in a space where multiple families live can be tricky, so making sure you are well-informed to pass along necessary information to other residents is essential. 

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The ETI Process

The ETI Process is our very own construction project management process. We apply this process to every single project, which gives us a consistent and reliable outcome. One of our biggest tips for hiring contractors is to find someone who is transparent and communicative with you through every step of the process. At ETI, we put a lot of focus on keeping you informed and involved. We keep our promises and deliver our work to you on budget and on time. 

Planning & Communication

A construction project manager is in charge of planning and communication between all of the involved parties. Our ETI Process is broken down into a twelve-step plan that goes through every element of planning and communication. Before we even get started with design plans, we have two meetings with our client – one over the phone, and one on the site of construction. This way, we have a good amount of time to get to know you and the site, and discuss the process! You will be working with the same contractors throughout the entire project, so you can form a genuine relationship of trust and understanding as the work gets done.  

Agreement & Construction

After meeting with you face-to-face and finalizing the remodel agreement, we begin a careful and in-depth design phase, where you are free to voice your ideas, questions, and concerns so we can make your vision come to life. Before we get started with construction, we have a pre-construction conference to make sure you know exactly what to expect as we work. Along the way, you will also have access to the online Co-Construct scheduling system and portal, where you can keep up with every step of the construction project management process in your own time!

Our twelve-step system has never led us astray and has made every project a smooth and enjoyable ride for our clients. When you are searching for “contractors near me,” a good project management system is a must. 

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Work with Us!

At ETI, our twelve-step construction project management system is a point of pride. We take our job very seriously and work to deliver the best quality in everything that we do. This includes materials, craftsmanship, and design – and it also includes communication and respect. If you are searching for a commercial or multi-family contractor, consider talking to us at ETI to see how we can make your project goals a reality.