Project Announcement: Pharmaceutical Office Build Out in Evanston

ETI has been engaged to complete a commercial office build out located in North suburban Evanston. The project will involve converting a vacant warehouse into an office space for a pharmaceutical company.

The scope of work entails a complete remodel of the pre-existing warehouse, including demolition, mechanical installation, rough carpentry, framing & drywall, and painting & finishes.

“By definition, a ‘build out’ is the renovation work that needs to be performed to fit a specific business’s needs,” says Director of Construction Mario Miranda. “Some build outs are easier than others. For example, if a restaurant wants to open a new location, and the new property was a pre-existing restaurant, the scope of work is less invasive and it’s easier to get the new business up and running.”

Miranda goes on to say that converting a warehouse into a space suitable for pharmaceuticals is a complex process.

“Healthcare-related facilities require highly specific design compliance, and that especially includes pharmaceutical operations” says Miranda. “We’ll be working closely with the architect on this project to ensure we’re adhering to the strict technical specifications that pharmaceutical companies need to abide by – especially with regards to inventory control.”

The project, an 8,200 sq. ft. build out, will involve coordination with a number of subcontractors, including roofing, plumbing and heating & cooling specialists.

“Any time you’re dealing with major commercial renovation projects that involve a high degree of compliance, you really have to trust your subcontractors,” says Miranda. “Throughout my career, I’ve prioritized maintaining a good working relationship with subcontractors, it’s an absolute must.”

The six-month project is scheduled to be finished early Spring 2023.

“Our goal is to create a space for the new business to flourish,” says Miranda. “Comfortability, functionality, security – those are the most important factors for a commercial project like this.”