Revolutionizing Commercial Construction Services: ETI’s Corporate Projects

Whether you are a business that is setting up its first brick-and-mortar space, a well-established company in need of a revamp, or a business looking to build a new location from the ground up, the importance of finding the right commercial contractor is great. There are a number of key elements that make for a successful partnership, like the contractor’s experience and their list of commercial construction services – just to name a few.  

This article will discuss the importance of finding the right contractors for your Chicago commercial remodeling or construction plans, and how ETI has built itself up to be one of the strongest commercial contracting companies in the city today. 

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Finding the Right Chicago Commercial Contractors

To find the right contracting fit for your Chicago commercial construction project, there are a few boxes that need checking. First and foremost, experience and expertise are incredibly important to any construction project. Knowing that your contractors have a lot of commercial experience will help guarantee that their commercial construction services will be of a high caliber. 

Additionally, try to find a contractor who has excellent communication skills. Your construction project is one that you should have an understanding of – you should be kept informed. Make sure that the contractors you work with are ready to keep you updated along every step of the process. This includes keeping a transparent budget and a clear timeline. A good contractor will keep you informed of any changes or circumstances that might have an effect on your budget or timeline and will work with you on the best ways to adapt going forward. 

At ETI, we are excited and ready to help you get started on your commercial construction or remodel project. We have the experience, skills, and tools to make the perfect commercial space for your business. 

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How ETI Works Commercial 

At ETI Construction, we are proud to call ourselves Chicago commercial contractors. The world of commercial construction services is vast and can cover a lot of different types of projects, from construction to remodeling to upkeep. At ETI, we are ready to handle any type of work that you need done for your commercial construction project. One of the most important elements of commercial construction work is local knowledge. We have an intimate knowledge of Chicago and all of the commercial construction needs that are a part of the city. This includes knowing how to take care of construction in the rocky Chicago weather, as well as understanding all of the necessary safety regulations and architectural codes. 

At ETI, we also work hard to keep up with the current trends in Chicago commercial remodeling and design. We know what is on the forefront of business owners’ minds, and know how to design a healthy workspace to accommodate those needs. To create a wellness-focused workspace, for example, many businesses are turning towards open floor plans and plenty of windows. Flexible areas that could house independent workspaces or larger-scale meetings are also increasing in popularity. We are ready with design ideas that can help make these workspace goals a reality. 

The ETI Process

Our team is equipped with the best commercial construction services and project management skills due to our ETI Process. This process has been carefully curated by our team. Consisting of twelve detailed steps, the ETI Process is what helps set us apart from other contracting firms of our size and beyond. We treat you fairly; you won’t get confused by dealing with multiple  people, and we keep our promises with no surprises.  

When we get to work on a Chicago commercial construction or remodeling project, we make it a priority to sit down with you and figure out how to make your goals come to life. The ETI Process includes a series of preliminary, design, and pre-construction meetings where we can talk through every step of the process with you from start to finish. We have also married our process with the Co-Construct scheduling system and portal. This means that in between our in-person meetings, you can still receive updates throughout the construction process through our app, and keep track of the timeline alongside us. 

Our Clients

We have had the privilege of extending our commercial construction services to some incredible companies in Chicago. Our projects have ranged from major restaurant chains to university structures. The type of work that we do on each project is also in a wide range. For one commercial building project, for example, we worked as a carpentry subcontractor and took care of all interior carpentry needs including framing, hardware, drywall, and more. For other businesses, we have done full build-outs. Whatever your project needs, we are able to get them done with high quality. 

One of the most important relationships a commercial business can have is with its contractor. In case of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise over time, having someone reliable who can be there for any of your Chicago commercial construction needs can help you rest easy as a business owner. A safe and well-maintained workspace will help support the well-being and comfort of your team members. All of this helps make a more productive and successful business. 

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Work with Us

Whether you are looking to complete a Chicago commercial remodeling project or are planning on building a new business location from the ground up, ETI is here for you! Our team has over 60 years of combined contracting experience, and we work hard to keep up with new design and construction trends. If you are coming into preliminary meetings with a good idea of how you want to utilize your space, we can turn your ideas into concrete designs. If you are just starting and need some advice, we are happy to work with you until we find the workplace layout that works best for you. As Chicago commercial contractors, we are always excited to work with companies small and large to help breathe new life into Chicago. We work with you on your terms and keep you in the loop along every step of the process. 

Partner with us at ETI today for your commercial construction project done right!