Finding Home Extension Contractors For Your Growing Needs

Is your family growing and you are finding yourself in need of another bedroom? Or do you simply need more room to enjoy in your home? Then you need a home extension. If you are having difficulty finding home extension contractors for your growing needs, we will tell you everything you need to know in this blog. Our ETI Construction home addition contractors are ready to help – whether you’re looking for contractors in Chicagoland or beyond.  

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Home Extension Contractors: What You Need to Know

Are you considering building a home extension? When you realize you need more space for your family, you will probably have to decide between building a new house versus renovating your existing home. Instead of moving to a new home, many homeowners in Chicagoland are opting to extend their existing homes with beautiful additions to meet their needs. There are several benefits to adding an addition to your home, including increasing your home’s value and updating your home to enjoy it more. 

While a home extension might seem intimidating at first, with the right contractors, adding an extension to your house is much easier than you might think. Qualified home extension contractors can help you make decisions, alleviate any frustrations, and ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget.  

Tips For Adding Additions to Your Home 

There are several things to know when it comes to adding an addition to your house

Make a Plan for Your Addition

It is best to make a plan in order to extend your house successfully. The more detailed and specific you are about what you want in your addition, the better chance you will have of finding the contractor who is right for the job. 

Set a Budget for Your Addition

Make sure to determine how much you are willing to spend on your home’s new addition and communicate with your potential contractors about your budget. When you are making your budget, make sure to keep the current cost of labor and materials in consideration. It is also smart to budget for any unexpected costs that may arise during construction. 

Check if You Will Need Permits Before You Begin Construction

Some towns and cities require permits before you can begin construction on your home’s new addition. If you don’t have the right permits, you could be subject to fines. A knowledgeable contractor in your area will know which permits you need and help you obtain them.

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How to Find Home Extension Contractors Near Me

Now that you have decided to add an addition to your house, it’s time to find the right contractors that you can trust. There are several benefits to hiring a local contractor in Chicagoland

Do Your Research

The first step in finding home addition contractors is to research options for contractors who specialize in adding additions to homes in your area. You can find available contractors by asking your homeowner friends for renovation recommendations, searching online for contractors who offer home addition services in your area, reading client reviews, and using social media to ask for local referrals. 

Ask Questions of Potential Contractors

There are several questions you will want to ask potential contractors you are considering for your upcoming home extension. Here are some questions to add to your list: 

  • Is your company insured?
  • What is your payment schedule? 
  • How soon can you complete my addition?
  • Can I have some references?
  • Can I see some examples of other home additions you have completed? 
  • Will you handle the permit process?
  • How do you communicate with your clients?

Verify Licenses and Insurance 

There are a variety of licenses that contractors in Chicago and Illinois should have. Before you choose a contractor near you, ensure that they are properly licensed and insured to protect their employees and your property.

Review the Contractors’ Experience and Expertise 

Make sure that the contractors you hire are experienced in the type of home extension you require. Many experienced contractors will offer you the chance to review some of their previous work and completed projects

Choose the Right Contractor for Your Addition Project 

To ensure that your addition is exactly what you want, make sure your contractor has experience in the kind of work you are looking to get done. For example, does your new addition contain a kitchen or a bathroom? Make sure the contractor is experienced in building out the type of addition you need to get you one step closer to your dream home.   

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ETI Construction Has the Best Home Extension Contractors

Now you know how to choose the right contractor in Chicago for your home addition. ETI Construction is one of Chicagoland’s top teams! Our company serves the entire Chicagoland area with home extensions and other projects. ETI Construction has more than 20 years of experience working on residential additions throughout Chicagoland. Contact us today at (773) 299-6574 or to request a quote for your home extension!