What Types of Home Additions You Can Choose From

If you need more space in your home, then you need a home addition. You probably know that a home addition adds finished living space to your existing home. But what you may not know is that there are all different types of additions to homes to consider. Perhaps you could benefit from an extra bedroom if you are planning on expanding your family, or you are working from home now and would like a dedicated home office.  From a kitchen expansion to a second story addition, you can choose the type of home expansion that makes the most sense for you. Learn more about types of home additions from ETI Construction’s team of home addition contractors.

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Types of Home Additions You Can Choose From

Are you a homeowner who feels like you are beginning to outgrow your home, but you do not want to move or purchase a new home? Then a home addition is the answer. A home addition can allow you to add more space to your home, meet your needs, and even add to your home’s market value

If you are considering an addition to a house, there are a wide variety of additions to homes available. From a relatively small project like a bump out to an expansive full-size convention addition, the options are unlimited. A well-designed and built addition not only adds space for you to use and enjoy, but blends seamlessly into your current home. 

Let’s detail the different types of additions to home you can choose:

Full-Size House Addition

A conventional house addition is a multi-room addition that is built onto the side of your home and is open to the rest of the house. This type of addition to a house might include different types of areas, including a bedroom, bathroom, dining room, family room, or even a great room.  If you have plenty of property around your home and you need lots of space, a full-size house addition is the best choice for you. However, a full-size addition is a major construction job. The addition will be subject to building codes and permit requirements. 

Second Story Addition

If you still require a lot of space but you don’t have a lot of property surrounding your home, a second story addition might be the right answer. A second-story addition has the ability to double your current amount of living space without losing any of your outdoor space. While a second story addition may have a higher cost than some other types of additions, it will also significantly increase your home’s market value. 

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Room Addition or Bump Out 

If you would like to add a single room to your home, then you need a room addition or bump out. A room addition, often also referred to as a bump out, is a single-room structure built onto the side of your existing house. Typically, it is a bedroom or bathroom. It also might expand the space of a single room in your home, like a living room. Perhaps you want a larger dining room to entertain more friends and family. Or, maybe you are expecting a baby and want to add space for a nursery. 

Kitchen Addition

These days, every homeowner wants a spacious kitchen. Perhaps you want to add about 40 square feet to your kitchen so you can build an island. Many homeowners are utilizing a bump-out addition to extend their kitchen. 

Sunroom Addition

If you would like more sunshine and some more recreational space to enjoy in your home, consider a adding new sunroom. A sunroom is an addition to the side of your house that offers an additional living area. Sunrooms have the option of being closed off by doors from the rest of your home. It is smaller than a full-size addition and is typically constructed with a pre-fabricated material, like aluminum or thermal-resistant glass. 

Room on Top of a Garage Addition

Do you like the idea of a second-story addition, but on a smaller scale? Consider adding a room to the top of your garage. This is an excellent idea for an addition to a house if you are looking to add an extra bedroom or an in-law suite. Many homeowners enjoy adding a room on top of their garage because it negates the noise and mess of construction next to your home. Some homeowners create an addition on top of their garage to rent out in order to make up the cost of the addition! 

Other Home Expansion Options

If you want additional space to enjoy in your house but you don’t have the space or budget for an addition, there are other home expansion options to consider. ETI Construction also offers a variety of renovation and restoration services.

Attic or Basement Renovation

If you wish to add living space to your home without changing its structure or footprint, you can consider a basement or attic renovation instead of a home addition. An attic or basement renovation is a less expensive way to add practical living space to your home. However, a contractor will need to ensure that your basement and/or attic meets structural qualifications to turn it into a safe living space. 

Garage Conversion

Does your home have a garage that you never use for its intended purpose? Then consider a garage conversion and turn your garage into additional living space, like a bedroom or a living room. Converting a garage is an excellent option for many homeowners because it does not require new walls, foundation, roof, and subfloor. 

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ETI Construction Offers All Different Types of Home Additions for Chicagoland

Any home addition you choose is a major decision that requires planning and most importantly, choosing excellent contractors. Our team performs home renovation and expansions, including a recent single-family home renovation in the Norwood Park neighborhood of Chicago. We can help you choose from the types of home additions which one is best for your home, and build out any additions to homes you choose. If you are interested in adding any type of addition to your home in the Chicagoland area, call ETI Construction at (773) 299-6574 or email info@eticonstruction.net